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LiquidOffice Electronic Form and Workflow Management System from Autonomy Cardiff

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What is LiquidOffice?
LiquidOffice Return on Investment
Why is LiquidOffice Unique?
Applications for Electronic Forms

Sample LiquidOffice Forms
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LiquidOffice Version 5 Pricing
What is LiquidOffice?
LiquidOffice is a complete XML based Electronic Form (eForm) and Business Process Management (BPM) Workflow system that is used to automate the processing, approval and data entry of both your Internal as well as External facing forms. With LiquidOffice you can put all of your existing paper forms into an online, automated electronic forms system - and save your organization up to $150.00* for every paper form that your company uses today!  *(savings based on a Microsoft internal study as outlined in Bill Gates' book "Business at the Speed of Thought")

Click here to see a LiquidOffice HTML demonstration form

Click here to see a LiquidOffice PDF demonstration form

Why do paper forms cost your organization so much money?  See the list below:
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  • The costs of form printing, storage and distribution
  • Obsolescence of the paper forms - how often are revisions/updates made? This requires all current inventory to be disposed of and all new printing and distribution costs
  • Manual time to locate and obtain the proper form to complete
  • Time to fill out, review and print the form.  A person filling in a form by hand fills it in slower as there are no safeguards against incorrect data entry
  • Time and costs to route a form to the appropriate approver or group - Interoffice mail, Mailroom personnel, FedEx/UPS costs, lag time, etc.
  • Time spent by both the initiator and managers manually tracking the progress or routing of a form
  • Manual Data Entry into your ERP, Accounting, HR or CRM systems
  • Manual Labor Time spent contacting the person who submitted the form due to missing or invalid information
  • Time to manually file the form
Call us @ 1.866.313.3627 or e-mail us to receive our comprehensive Electronic Form Return on Investment spreadsheet
Why is LiquidOffice Unique?
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LiquidOffice is the first eForm Management and Workflow System that utilizes Industry Standard PDF and HTML Documents without requiring any proprietary client-side Plug-ins.  With End Users having different versions and manufacturers of Internet Browsers on their desktops such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari, LiquidOffice assures complete compatibility and trouble-free operation.  Competitive products require proprietary client-side Java plug-ins.  LiquidOffice also uses Microsoft SQL Server and can be used on Industry Standard Web Server platforms including .
What are some of the many Applications LiquidOffice can be used for?
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Accounting Human Resources Sales and Marketing Healthcare Additional Applications
Capital Appropriation Requests Employment Applications Customer Surveys Patient Satisfaction Surveys Invoice Processing Approval and Routing
Purchase Requisitions/Orders Performance Reviews Sales Forecasts Clinical Research / CRF's Power Line and Sewer Inspection
Manual Check Requests Benefit Enrollment Sales Orders Ambulance Service Reports Legal Contract Reviews
Expense Reports Personnel Status Change Notices Complaint Forms Encounter Forms  
Time Cards Employee Surveys Product Feature Requests    
Trip Approvals Training Enrollment Requests for Information    
Vacation Requests   Collateral Requests    
The LiquidOffice System Contains:
1. LiquidOffice Designer
2. LiquidOffice Presentation Server
3. LiquidOffice Thin Client Desktop
4. LiquidOffice Workflow Process Builder
1. The LiquidOffice Form Designer:
Delivers drag & drop field creation and professional layout.  Using the LiquidOffice Form designer, Users can publish standard HTML and Adobe PDF Electronic Forms to the LiquidOffice Form Server.


Click on the Thumbnails below to see the Designer Screen Captures in full size.


Main View

Field Properties Dialog Box (Digital Signature)

Point and Click Calculation Builder


Sample LiquidOffice Forms
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Expense Report Electronic Form Employee Performance Review - 5 Pages (Note the Auto-Scoring) Status Change Notice Electronic Form
2. The LiquidOffice Form Server:
The LiquidOffice Form Server uses XML, HTML and Adobe PDF to deliver fillable electronic forms, data collection, processing, workflow routing, digital approval, using standard Web browsers. It offers organizations a robust and scalable eForm Management System that helps minimize the costs of maintenance and ownership. By automating eForm transactions and processes, LiquidOffice reduces operational costs and improves worker productivity.
The LiquidOffice Form Server also offers cross-platform options for hosting on Windows and UNIX/Solaris systems.
3. The LiquidOffice Client Desktop:
The LiquidOffice Web Desktop provides users with secure and private access to online forms through standard Web browsers - without proprietary plug-ins. Better still, LiquidOffice includes a turnkey eForm Repository and advanced Web services for routing, tracking, approval and processing within a single, integrated solution.
4. The LiquidOffice Workflow Process Builder:
LiquidOffice Literature
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LiquidOffice eForm System PDF Brochure LiquidOffice Overview PDF Brochure Autonomy BPM Overview for Healthcare PDF
LiquidOffice Version 6 Pricing
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Description List Price Digital Documents' Price
LiquidOffice eForm Management System v6
Form Designer (1 each)
Form Server (1 each)
Full User Login Licenses (50)
Digital Documents' agreement with this Manufacturer does not allow us to advertise pricing.  Please call us or e-mail us for Digital Documents' pricing on LiquidOffice. Digital Documents' agreement with this Manufacturer does not allow us to advertise pricing.  Please call us or e-mail us for Digital Documents' pricing on LiquidOffice.
LiquidOffice Public Access Option.  Includes Unlimited access to forms within LiquidOffice extranet using Web or email.
LiquidOffice Enterprise Access Option.  Includes Unlimited access to forms within LiquidOffice intranet using Web or Email.
LiquidOffice Email Routing Option.  A form can be routed to an email address so that users without a login can participate on an ad hoc basis at any point during a transaction event.
Additional Full User (Approver) Log-ins
Additional Form Designer - for add-on to existing license.
Other Configurations are available.  Please call us or e-mail us for details.




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